abby_frecs (abby_frecs) wrote in interfaithunion,

Christian - Jehovah Witness (Can they co-exist in a relationship?)

I am a Christian who has in a relationship with a Jehova Witness. As some may know they have a very unorthodox religion. I had no issues with his believes up until the time of my birthday when he treated it as if it were just another day.  I've always celebrated my birthday and so this hurt me very much and I was quite upset. They do not vote, they do not celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas nor Valentines Day and to be honest with you the reasoning he gave me as to why they don't logically to me don't make any sense. I respect his believes but I do not share them. Can two different religions intertwine? The relationship you have with God is a spiritual and personal one and you should not have to compromise it to be with someone. To me you both can respect each other and have a discussion on this topic since it is very important to both of you and how you would like the relationship to go. I love him very much and I really don't want to see the relationship end over this. We have not spoken in about a week as we had a major argument over it. Somtimes religion can be divisive and I know what it is like to love someone unconditionally. JWs consider themselves to be christians but their believes are very much different. What is your take on this?
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