mlovesh (mlovesh) wrote in interfaithunion,

interreligious relationship

Hi I'm an orthodox christian and I have been dating my girlfriend for nearly two years now. She is a baptised catholic but only by name and she is not religious at all. I love her so much. With everything I have. But for me to marry her, I would like her to become an orthodox christian and a bit more religious...but i dont want her to become religious for me, I want her to do it for herself. She told me that she's not ready for religion at the moment and she's scared to try because if she doesn't like it she fears (and so do I) that it will be the end of our relationship. This problem has made me feel very insecure about our relationship together and I keep worrying that she might leave me even though she loves me and cares for me very much. Does anyone have advice?
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