jessafy1 (jessafy1) wrote in interfaithunion,

The mom is here :)

Hey everyone I am new to this community.  I am an american non practicing christian of sorts dating a non practicing muslim man.  Things have been great so far, we are in love and he is an extrememely thoughtful and respectful.  The issue is we have been spending LOTS of time together, pretty much everyday we have off and taking turns at eachothers house when we are working.  A week ago his mom arrived from over seas and things have drastically changed.  He does not go out and goes directly home after work.  I realize he has not seen his mom in 4 years and she has no one else here so obviosly he will be spending a lot of time with her so I am trying my best not to feel neglected.  He does want me to meet her and I am extremely nervous about it, he says he doesn't care if she likes me, which leads me to believe it is a distinct possibility.  Any advice on how I should handle this meeting, she doesn't speak english so it should be interesting.  Should I expect that he still spends time with me too?  We work together so he seems to think that will do that we see eachother there.  She is going to be here 3 months, help!?
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